DykeTees.Com: Designers Wanted!


DykeTees.Com is looking for a few new designs to add to our product offerings!

We usually do our design in-house, but we decided it's time for some fresh blood as well. :) So lets see what you can do!


  • Designs must be submitted in vector format in either .ai or .eps format
  • Designs must be submitted with both white background and dark background variations
  • Designs must be ORIGINAL
  • Designs must not incorporate material that requires licensing for use on commercial projects (fonts, clip-art, etc.)
  • Designs must not incorporate or too-closely mimic trademarked material (i.e. corporate logos, slogans, etc.)


  • DykeTees.Com reserves the right to make modifications to submitted designs if necessary.
  • DykeTees.Com will credit the artists with a small tagline on the shirt itself and on the product page and artists page on dyketees.com.
  • DykeTees.Com will pay $50 plus one free t-shirt with your design to all artists whose designs we choose. (we realize this is a pittance for your talent, but our profit margin is painfully low. Yay small business!)


    To submit, send a flat .jpg or .gif of your image to 'info (at) dyketees (d0t) com' - We'll get the vector files from you at the time of payment. :)

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